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Premium Kienyeji

Preparing your house

  1. Clean and disinfect the house
  2. Place litter (wood shavings 5 cm thick) & feeders 3 days prior to arrival of chicks.
  3. Place clean news papers on top of litter and spread a small amount of feeds to promote feed consumption.
  4. Remove the news papers 48 hrs after arrival of chicks.
  5. Ensure your house is well ventilated.

Arrival of your chicks

  1. Remove your chicks carefully from the box to avoid damage of legs.
  2. Chick boxes should be removed instantly from your house be burn
  3. Maintain good bio-security precaution to avoid nfections.
  4. Ensure 40 chicks per square metre for the first 10 days in the house, then double the space.
  5. Your house should be 32 degrees celcius24 hrs before arrival of chicks.
  6. Maintain 24 hrs of light in the first day then provide 2 hrs hours darkness upto 7 days.
  7. Reduce amount of light by 2 hrs per week.

Why Us

Dual Purpose

Can be used for eggs and meat at the same time.

Low Mortality Rate

Can be used for eggs and meat at the same time.

Disease Tolerant

Vaccination Programme

Best Chicken On The Market


Ice Cream

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Where to Buy

Our Products are currently available at select retailers and distributors across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia
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