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  • Our factory in Kitale is producing

    ..Quality Seed Maize ..

  • Our factory in Kitale is producing

    ..Quality Beans Seed..

  • For Premium Kienyeji and Premium Kisasa Poultry

    ..Premium Poultry..

What we do

We bring technology to the farmer
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Our Products

We have maize Seed, beans Seed and poultry
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Our Vision

Promote agriculture by providing certified seeds to farmers thus enhancing food security.

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Get yourself Seed and poultry at an affordable price
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Company Overview

Why we're the best in Africa

We address the problem of low yields of small holder farmers by producing high quality hybrid maize seed and bean seed. We are the only private company in East Africa with an end-to-end seed maize research, breeding and distribution program. Since inception, we have diversified our products with the interests of the farmer at heart. We are engaged in producing high quality seed tolerant to diseases, drought and superb maturity attributes in all agro-ecological zones.

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